Friday, 6 April 2012



I know its been a while since I’ve last posted, but I have loads of homework and other commitments (cycling)
Last week I managed to order in the specific tubing for the bike from USA. The tubing that I had ordered is from the brand ‘True Temper’ I chose this brand since it is used by ‘English Cycles’ on my favorite custom frame builders
The tubing takes around 10 days to be delivered, so hopefully it will be in any day and I will be able to get started!

Selecting the tubing was extremely difficult since you had to find the right lengths since the tubes have to be mitred and welded which will+- some length so keeping in mind, I selected the tubes alongside my boss, Vince; after a long search, we found the tubes we were looking for that complied with the ISP requirement. The cost of the tubing was around $300 dollars excluding shipping from America. Since it is a steel frame, the weight will be quite high compared to a traditional carbon frame, but due to the material, it should prove to act as a more ‘lively’ compared to carbon.

As soon as the tubes come in I will post some photos, but until then, more waiting!

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